1. Original Gent is a registered Australian business bound by the Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles.
  1. Original Gent uses personal information provided by customers for the purposes of sending goods to its subscribers, personalising our services, send periodic emails, process payments, perform research and statistical analysis, answer queries, resolve complaints, and recruit staff and contractors or as otherwise set out in this Policy. This information will be collected, accessed and used by the founders and paid employees of Original Gent for the purpose of administering is business operations and services.
  1. Personal information collected includes but is not limited to: subscriber’s name, date of birth, postal address, credit card information and other financial details. This information will not be shared or made available to any company, individual or organisation external to the Original Gent by any of its founders or paid employees under any circumstances.
  1. In the unlikely instance that Original Gent seeks to share the personal information of its subscribers with a third party, the subscriber in question will be notified and their permission must be granted by the subscriber before any information is shared.
  1. Original Gent may also collect information from subscribers regarding their personal fashion and grooming preferences. This informed may be collected and shared by Original Gent in a general manner for statistical purposes. However, Original Gent will not share the specific personal fashion and grooming preferences of individual subscribers to third parties without their permission.
  1. All personal information collected by Original Gent is collected from the subscriber directly. Subscribers will provide this information at the point of subscription through the Original Gent online platform. Original Gent will not make any attempt to obtain personal information through a third party. In the instance that Original Gent requires further information from a subscriber, for whatever reason, they will be contacted directly.
  1. Subscribers maintain the right to refuse to provide Original Gent with their personal information. However, in the instance that a subscriber refuses to provide such information, there may be extensive delays in receiving your goods or we may be unable to deliver the goods indefinitely.
  1. Original Gent will take all reasonable steps possible to protect your personal information. Original Gent has set in place a number of online security measures to protect your information from unauthorised access by third parties. Exchange of information occurs over a secured communication channel. However, Original Gent is not liable for any unauthorised access to this information.
  1. Upon subscribing to Original Gent’s services, it is implied that each subscriber has taken reasonable time to read and understand this privacy policy. Individuals hold the right to inquire about the terms of the policy prior to the point of subscription. Original Gent will make arrangements to respond to any such inquiries. However, at the point of subscription and payment for the Original Gent’s services, it is implied that each subscriber accepts the terms of this policy.
  1. Subscribers maintain the right to update their personal information if it is not accurate, complete or up to date. Original Gent will make arrangements to update this information within a reasonable time. If we refuse to amend the information, we will provide you with a written notice advising of the grounds for our refusal. If we refuse to amend the information, you may ask us to attach a note to the information indicating your desire to have the information altered.
  1. Original Gent maintains the right to update this privacy policy at any point. Subscribers must take discretion to check whether the privacy policy has been changed.